Manarola lies on the steep cliffs facing the clear blue sea and its origins date back in history.
Founded by Volastra inhabitants, Manarola stretches along the Groppo river which
flows from the mountain to the sea. Similarly to the other villages of Cinque Terre,
Manarola is made up of pink and yellow coloured tower-houses which enabled
the defence from pirate raids.
Traditionally the main activity is farming on the terraced field which enabled locals to grow on such a steep area. The religious centre of the village is on the top of the villages and is made up of the S. Lorenzo gothic church, the Disciplinati oratory and the bell-tower.
Manarola is the ideal place to have a holiday in the nature all year long.

The village is connected to numerous paths, among which the most famous is the Via dell'Amore (Lovers' lane) which leads to Riomaggiore.
Swimming in the sea (you just need a snorkel) you'll be able to discover the underwater beauty of our sea.
On summertime, the village is animated by several events, feasts and exhibitions.
The most important events are the lighted nativity, the day of the patron Saint Lorenzo (Aug 10th).

A holiday in every season...

Manarola is a perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday, close to nature, in every season.
Thare are a lot of easy paths starting from the village; among them the most famous is "Via dell'Amore" leading to the next village Riomaggiore. At the moment some paths are closed because of the flood occurred in 2011 and of the heavy winter rain, but we'll be pleased to suggest alternative tracks.

Swimming in our sea, with a diving mask, is the perfect way to enjoy and discover the marvellous undersea life.
Interesting events, such as local feasts, concerts and art exhibitions, take place throughout the year, but spring and summer are the most lively seasons.

Very original is the "Christmas Crib" made of lights, built on the hill at Christamas time and the patronal festival dedicated to Saint Lawrence on 10th August.

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